Weather settings

Lately, we have a lot of problems, each of the ‘weather’ engines (payware and freeware) uses its own algorithms to create ‘the most realistic’ weather, which is in many cases not even close to the models used by the real-world weather stations. Anyway, all of these engines will be closer to each other and closer to the real weather when you operate where you have lots of weather stations very close to you. However, the greater part of the real world does not have this luxury, thus the weather we get from all these engines are in most cases very different.
To give everyone a fair chance, we do specify CAVOK for all flights.
CAVOK is used when there is no significant weather, the visibility is 10 km or greater, and the ceilings are greater than 5,000 ft.
However, you are free to use real or any other weather settings for your flight as we base this World Rally on “Target Time.”